Xavier Hawk
Xavier Hawk founded Colony Earth, an Eco Village and Eco Development company in Western North Carolina that runs on Bitcoin and other crypto currencies. The business model he developed for profitable Permaculture Eco Developments is already being adopted and implemented in locations across the globe.

Adam B. Levine
Adam B. Levine is the Founder and Editor-in-Chief of Let’s Talk Bitcoin! A blog and twice weekly show about the Ideas, people and projects building the digital economy. Adam has created more than 90 hours of free, educational Crypto-Currency content, frequently speaks at conferences and is always looking for the next most interesting project. Adam also raises quackless ducks.

Nate Wolfe
Nate Wolfe is the Founder and CEO of Goodbit, a hack-tank dedicated to making the future accessible by bringing emerging technologies to the mainstream. With over a decade of experience building products and platforms on the edge of the new, Nate is a deep resource on crafting and understanding all things virtual. He believes the future is a playground, and encourages everyone to start playing.

Anthony D’Onofrio
Designer, developer, world-traveler, amateur chef and philospher. Anthony is the founder of Peace.Love.Human.- an organization dedicated to coordinating acts of kindness. He has given free hugs to thousands of people, loves getting his feet and hands dirty in the garden, and is passionate about utilizing technology for the greater good.

Christian Shearer
Since founding The Panya Project in Northern Thailand in 2005, Christian has become an emerging leader of the next generation of permaculture. He currently works as a permaculture teacher, designer, consultant and has taught the Permaculture Design Course over 25 times in six countries. He also founded, is one of the lead consultants at Terra Genesis International, and lives in Teton Valley, Idaho on a five-acre homestead.

Wendell Davis
Wendell is the founder of Hive, an easy-to-use Bitcoin wallet and merchant discovery platform. Before finding himself in the clutches of cryptocurrency addiction, Wendell was a game developer (Midway) and an Internet entrepreneur (Meetro, Zooomr, Splice, Kitchensurfing). He is passionate about decentralization, operational security, and, paradoxically, excellent user experience design.

Liz Reitzig
Liz is the co-founder of the Farm Food Freedom Coalition, a grassroots organization based on principles of voluntary exchange. As a Bitcoin junkie and PR expert, Liz works to bring news of cryto currencies to farmers. She is committed to seeing a future of vibrant, peaceful, rural communities via decentralized food and currencies.

John Bushe
John Bush is one of the leading zero waste experts in the country. As founder and president of zero waste advocacy firm Adbongo, Inc., John helps municipalities to incentivize zero waste programs which keep trash out of landfills so that valuable resources may be reused, repurposed or composted by businesses and individuals in the local community. Also a certified permaculture designer, John specializes in permaculture applied to business design.

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