What are Permacredits?

Permacredits are the 1st commodity backed crypto currency. This is bitcoin 2.0 in action. Permacredits or “credits” are created as a way for the world to engage in and actively support the world of Permaculture and Eco Developments while enjoying profits from that world. This is permaculture applied to business. This is paying it forward into an eco system of mutually supportive systems that pays you back for your involvement.

Why would i want one?

Dunno. You tell me. Some people want them to use on our network to pay for a house, rent, retreats and more. Some people want them because they want to support the world of Permaculture and make the world greener and healthier (Permaculture builds soil, even in deserts). Some people want to invest in their potential as a deflationary asset that will be worth more than dollars. Some people want them to trade on the open markets for other crypto currency. Some people want the profit sharing our network provides, and they believe in the profitability of Eco Developments.

What am i really buying?

You are buying a membership. You are buying a place in the world of permaculture and Eco Developments. You will gain discounted access to a world-wide network of awesome places to live in and visit, learn from and benefit from, and network in and heal in. We happen to give you a membership credit denoting your level of involvement and you can do with it as you see fit.

Where can i use my credits?

Any of our growing network of eco developments, institutions, retreat centers, and festivals. This will have a link to our network.

Do i need a special wallet for my permacreds?

Yes and no. Since this is bitcoin 2.0 in action and rides on Bitcoin’s blockchain you can store your CREDITS in any bitcoin wallet. This is advantageous for things like text message bitcoin wallets. However, there are some caveats with that such as, you will not receive the full functionality in a wallet not designed to specifically handle CREDITS. This being the case we advise you store and use your CREDITS in the Permacredits wallet where their full functionality is utilized, while taking advantage of the ease fo some bitcoin wallet applications when needed.

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